Our CCTV systems allow you to remotely view live or recorded footage, change recording settings and even download footage from where ever you are, on a beach in Hawaii to a service station on the M25.

Saintly Security Smart Technology

Take control of your property with the latest technology, our systems offer remote control via smart phone/tablet application or Laptop and PC.

The GX remote control application allows the user to access their intruder alarm system anytime from anywhere in the world, the application offers full functionality from setting and un-setting the system to entry logs and alarm activations.

For CCTV installations using the Superlive application available on: iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile, the user can view, control and configure everything on their DVR anywhere in the world. The user can view all live cameras as well as recorded videos using the Time Search function. It is essentially a pocket sized version of your DVR offering you peace of mind that your property is safe wherever you go.

X-AIR brings the latest innovation, allowing video entry calls to be answered directly from a tablet or smartphone. With X-AIR PLUS+, the flexibility increases to include seamless integration with Crestron devices and other 3rd party interfaces. X-AIR systems can also integrate the full range of BPT monitors to provide the most flexible access control solution available

The new GSM Kit range is a telephone based door entry solution. Using GSM or PSTN, this technology is designed for applications where a wired door entry system cannot be installed

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